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Rules And Regulations

General Instructions to Students Regarding Conduct and Discipline

♦ Students shall have to obey all orders of the Principal.

♦ Students must not enter or leave the class without the permission of the lecturer when the class commences and continues;

♦ When the classes have assembled, students must not indulge in noisy or disorderly conduct within and outside the classroom. They must not loiter about in the corridors so as to disturb the class.

♦ Students are asked to maintain order in classes so long as it has not re-assembled under another lecturer after periodic dissolution;

♦ Students must behave courteously with the members of the staff and their fellow students both inside and outside the college;

♦ Students should not indulge in malpractice of disfiguring and damaging college properties including the walls, the doors, windows and the furniture etc..

♦ Students shall not do anything detrimental to the interest of the college;

♦ Students must attend their classes regularly and secure requisite percentage of attendance of lectures delivered before they are sent up for the University Examination. This should be treated as extremely important.

♦ Students should strictly adhere to the rules and regulations regarding conduct and discipline of the institution.

♦ I Card : Every student must carry his/her Identity Card issued by the college office, every day to the college and will have to show it when asked for by any member of the Teaching and Non-teaching staff of the college.

♦ Students without Identity Cards will not be ordinarily allowed to enter the college campus. Students are. therefore, asked to carry the identity card regularly without fail while coming to the college.

♦ Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited .If any incident of ragging comes to the noticed of the authority, strict action will be taken.

♦ The use of mobile phone in college premises is strictly prohibited.

♦ Student unable to attend the classes due to some genuine reason should submit the application to the college office before the commencement of the leave of absence.

♦ Students should specially see that they use college books, room furniture, laboratory equipments, and the college property in general, most carefully. The cost of damage done to it would be recoverable from the students either individual or collectively as the case may be.