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Vision, Mission, The Goal


The vision of the College is to contribute significantly improving Science, Service and Spirituality that applies throughout people’s daily living and learning, community enhancement, entrepreneurship and graceful service to their families and to society


The mission of the College is to create, share, and apply knowledge to improve people’s lives through the science and technology, Service and Spirituality and prepare transformative leaders. We strengthen the student-centered education, and global citizenship.


The Goal

  • The goal is to serve the students mostly coming from economically constrained circumstances by providing them quality education in the field of Science and in the art of all-square Personality Development.
  • To harmonizes the best of the Science, Service and Spirituality
  • To develop the values like cleanliness, discipline, punctuality, inter-personal reverence from the predecessors to the newcomers.
  • To enable the students to face competitive examination.
  • To develop overall personality of the students by giving ample exposure in sports, cultural and NSS activities.
  • To develop desirable teacher-taught relationship and better teaching learning process through suitable freedom and discipline.
  • To promote the faculty for participation in research and extension activities.
  • The goal is to impart a man-making, character-building education by a balanced development of Head, Heart and Hand so that the students may turn out to be wise citizens able to shoulder the responsibility of the Nation.
  • Enforce the necessity and the advantage of having multidisciplinary education that enriches the analytical capabilities of the graduates and which helps them lead a successful life in this complex modern world.
  • To develop personality, quality of leadership and good citizenship in students
  • To inculcate ethical and moral values and to enhance creative skills.