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Ku. Karishma D. Mahadulle
MSc (Mathematics)
Assistant professor (CHB)

Welcome to department of Mathematics

The department was established in 2017 under RTMNU, Nagpur. Our department gives excellence in teaching and provide platform for enhancing quality of student the department has highly qualified experienced and competent staff. All are actively participating in conference, seminars and workshops. Nonteaching staff members are always ready to solve problems of students.

Number of Academic staff-01

Contributory teaching staff-nil

Facilities available- 1) departmental library

Aim and objective

  • Provide opportunities for scientific study and creativity within a global context that will stimulate and challenge the students.
  • To develop experimental and investigative scientific skills.
  • Raise awareness of the moral, ethical, social, economic and environmental implication of science and technology.


Future plane–To create interest in subject Mathematics, we are planned to do other activities related mathematics subject.