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  • College has species old college building & Under Constriction new building
  • There are 5 Departments in Science faculty and will Newly start 5 Departments of Home science faculty in next year 2016-17(University has recommended)
  • Science faculty has Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Physics and Computer Science laboratories
  • Home Science faculty has still under development in which Foodand Nutrition, Textile And Clothing, Human Development, Extension Education, Family Resource Management laboratories have been developing.
  • Currently intakes of all the departments are 120 + 60 students in science & home Science Faculty. Each department has excellent and well-equipped laboratories.
  • The infrastructure of the college includes class rooms equipped with green boards, modern audio video aids, well equipped laboratories, library & seminar room with projector and faculty offices. In laboratories, students experiment with the latest┬átechnologies.
  • The college has the software Windows 2010 server, Windows XP, Microsoft office 2007 professional, Microsoft 2003, Adobe In design, college management software, library software, software for accounting, 4i software
  • The college has undergraduate science and Home science laboratories affiliated by RTM, Nagpur university.
  • The college is running some short term courses for the students.