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Bachelor in Basic Science

Group I : CBZ
Chemistry,Botany, Zoology
Group II: PCM
Physics,Chemistry, Mathematics
Physics,Mathematics,Computer Science


Bachelor in Home Science

Home Science is an applied and professional discipline that prepares an individual to obtain recent scientific information in the urban as well as rural context. The need of Home Science education in the universities emerged with an increased awareness of the role of rural women in contributing to family economy and raising their standard of living. But today with the technological advancements and women seeking to come in the work force in large numbers, it is imperative that their drudgery and burden both in the rural and urban perspective be reduced and family life geared with adopting more scientific know how.

1.Food and Nutrition
2.Textile and Clothing
3.Human Development
4.Extension Education
5.Family Resource Management


Bachelor in Fashion Designing

About the Course
The prime objective of this course is to train the manpower for the apparel/fashion industry in meeting the industrial competitiveness on a global level with the mission of
“Fashion for the future”

Salient Features

  • Theory & process based course subjects in every semester
  • 6 weeks industry internship in 5th semester

Process based design collection, development & presentation in 6th semester