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Ms. Swatantrata  M. Sharma
Assistant Professor & HOD of  Botany
M.Sc., M.P. SLET, M.Ed

Welcome to  Department of Botany

Department overview

  1. Established year-2006 under RTMNU, Nagpur.The College is one of the oldest pure Science Academic college in Ramtek Tehsil, Dist Nagpur.
  2. Course offered – B.Sc. Three year Degree course Semester Pattern.
  3. Course Structure: -               

Syllabus:- As per UGC recommendations and adopted by the R. T. M. Nagpur University

SEMESTER I:- Two Papers( 50 marks each), Paper I Viruses, Prokaryotes & Algae Paper II Fungi, Lichen, Plant Pathology & Bryophyte

SEMESTERII:- Two Papers( 50 marks each),Paper I Pteridophyta& Gymnosperms Paper II Palaeobotany& Morphology of Angiosperms

SEMESTER III:- Two Papers( 50 marks each), Paper I Angiosperm Taxonomy Paper II Cell Biology, Plant Breeding & Evolution

SEMESTER IV:- Two Papers( 50 marks each), Paper I Angiosperm Anatomy & Embryology Paper II Genetics & Molecular Biology

SEMESTER V:- Two Papers( 50 marks each), Paper I Biochemistry & Plant Physiology-I Paper II Plant Ecology I

SEMESTER VI:- Two Papers( 50 marks each), Paper I Plant Physiology II & Biotechnology Paper II Plant Ecology II, Techniques & Ethno botany

  1. Number of Academic Support Staff
  2. Contributory Teaching Staff- 2
  3. Lab Assistant -1
  4. Lab Attendant-1

2) Method Adopted for Teaching Learning.

We provide instruction in all three of the major learning modes.

  1. Auditory mode- Lecture, Group Discussion, Seminar, etc.
  2. Visual Mode- OHP,Slides, Models, Field Trip, Projects, etc.
  3. Manipulation- by Hand/Exercise/Self Practice.”KarkeSikhnekiPrakriya”

3) Facilities Available.

  1. i) Departmental Library
  2. ii) Teachers personal Notes
  3. Personal Attention to each and every student in classroom as well as Lab.
  4. Remedial classes for weak students.
  5. Specific guidance to scorer students.
  • Guidance and counselling given about career opportunities available/placement options.
  • outdoor excursions.
  1. Well-equipped and furnished Lab.(Ex. Centrifuge, Autoclave, Incubator, Oven, etc.)
  2. Promotes Drawing for understanding the plant structure in several ways.

4)Aim and Objectives

  1. i) To impact integral education of the highest standard, sound learning, buildup character and instill highest scientific value.
  2. ii) To instill love for nature in the young mind.

iii) To inoculate environmental awareness.

5) Achievements:-Maximum students, score maximum marks in subject, every year and in every semester.

6) Future Plan:-To Established a botanical garden having maximum medicinal/Herbal Plant found in Ramtek Tehsil, Dist Nagpur.